In this house, the client wanted the indoor unit mounted on an internal wall. This makes things slightly more difficult as far as an installation goes due to the fact you can't run a drain for condensation inside the house. To counter this we installed a drain pump for the indoor unit which pumps the condensate straight onto the roof. The internal wall was drilled through to allow for the pipework and cabling. This in turn went up into the roof by cutting another hole in the cornice. The outdoor unit was finally mounted on a roof bracket. As seen in the picture there was a Coolbreeze evaporative air conditioner which the client wanted us to service while we were there.

I had a client call about a new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plus range which was so new I hadn't even heard of yet! After a quick look into it, the Plus range is a very energy efficient model that Mitsubishi has released. Ranging in sizes and coming into the 7 star rating for efficiency we soon found ourselves installing this split system in Jolimont on a wall bracket. Ultra quiet and very economical this Avanti plus has to be up there with one of the best air conditioners on the market right now.

Have you found yourself short on space in the outdoor area and didn't want to be surrounded by air conditioning boxes? This is a fantastic options if you're low on space. This client was in the exact position and didn't want to take up too much room so in comes the multi split. They were after something to heat and cool the master bedroom and the spare bed. This option allowed them to cover both areas with each room having an indoor unit individually controlled from the other while incorporating just the one outdoor unit!

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