Recently had a commercial building with small offices internally approach me to swap out a Samsung split system which had failed due to being short on gas. We swapped it out with a Mitsubishi Electric split which was more efficient and quieter. Outdoor unit located on the roof out of the way of the carpark so it was no where to be seen. Having no gas in an older unit is a tough one due to gas prices fluctuating and the older gas is becoming more expensive due to it being phased out. Repair is always an option but due to the age and cost involved in repairing a 3.5kw unit, the better option was to swap it out and not have anymore problems arise.

Have you found yourself short on space in the outdoor area and didn't want to be surrounded by air conditioning boxes? This is a fantastic options if you're low on space. This client was in the exact position and didn't want to take up too much room so in comes the multi split. They were after something to heat and cool the master bedroom and the spare bed. This option allowed them to cover both areas with each room having an indoor unit individually controlled from the other while incorporating just the one outdoor unit!

This customer in Swanbourne had a split system which was well past its used by date. The house was under renovation and they took the time to replace the old system which was no longer working with a new 7kw Daikin Cora to service the living room. The client also wanted the ducted outdoor unit moved onto a wall bracket near the new system as to free up space in the outdoor area. They are both sitting 3 metres off the ground which leaves a lot of space free.