Recently had a commercial building with small offices internally approach me to swap out a Samsung split system which had failed due to being short on gas. We swapped it out with a Mitsubishi Electric split which was more efficient and quieter. Outdoor unit located on the roof out of the way of the carpark so it was no where to be seen. Having no gas in an older unit is a tough one due to gas prices fluctuating and the older gas is becoming more expensive due to it being phased out. Repair is always an option but due to the age and cost involved in repairing a 3.5kw unit, the better option was to swap it out and not have anymore problems arise.

During a recent renovation, the owner contacted me to install air conditioning throughout the house. Originally ducted was the plan but after a site visit this was not possible due to a very restricted roof space. We went for independent split sytems installed in all the bedrooms and the living area. The outdoor units are installed on wall brackets and you can note that they are not right up against the eaves. We see this a lot but this will void all manafacturer warranty. Do it right the first time.

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