This Haier split system in Beaconsfield had many issues which in turn meant it was more economical to replace rather than repair. As it was a small bedroom we opted for a 2kw Mitsubishi which is more than capable of servicing the area. Having a 5 star energy efficiency rating and being ultra quiet means they can now sleep in peace with a smaller electricity bill.

The client had an old Panasonic system servicing the top floor of the house. They asked to move it which was certainly an option but not a viable one due to the age of the system. They went for the option of a new system and to sell the Panasonic. As the new unit was being installed in the bedroom, it was important to be very quiet. The Mitsubishi we installed was a perfect option being quite, out of the way and installed on a wall bracket on the external wall.

The client called me saying the air conditioner in the granny flat had stopped working. We ended up swapping the old Samsung unit out with a brand new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system. Using the existing wall bracket and capping we were able to mount it in the same position with a minimum amount of fuss. They even got a $150 cash back on the unit during the promotion!

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