Spent the morning in the Swan Valley replacing a 30 year old Bonaire evaporative air conditioner with a new Braemar cooler. Due to the age of the Bonaire, the dropper itself required replacement as it was all rusting out. Bonaire don't make an equivalent sized air conditioner in the new models so being the house was so large, the biggest available was the Braemar which are an excellent quality unit which come with a 5 year warranty. Up to date touch pad wall control with a whole lot more functions then the previous unit means the client is very happy.

We had 2 air conditioners to swap out at this house in Ellenbrook. We replaced both Samsung split systems with Mitsubishi air conditioners. The unit pictured was replaced under fusion insurance due to a power surge burning out the control boards during recent storms. The second 7kw unit was replaced because of control board faults also but due to a poor installation by a previous company, it also had a gas leak. This was causing it to not heat or cool effectively.