Yes we do repairs and service also! As you can see in the photo, this control board wasn't loving life. The client called to say the ducted air conditioner was not cooling. They had a new born baby and needed it back up and running asap. We made it out and had the unit up and running the following day once parts were collected. A new soft starter was installed and the Actron was running like new again. 

Initially the client had an old box air conditioner existing in the living room wall. Power hungry and not efficient meant it was time for an upgrade. Being a small house in Redcliffe meant that the 7kw Daikin which was installed will do the entire living area and filter through into the bedroom. The client requested Daikin and we gladly obliged. The Daikin Cora is very energy efficient, whisper quiet and has excellent build quality.

On this occasion in Willeton, the owner already had a ducted Fujitsu air conditioner in their house. Their son worked night shift and as opposed to running the large ducted unit all day while the son is sleeping, they opted to install a small 2kw Daikin split system in his bedroom. This saves them significantly on power costs when no one else is home. Ultra quiet indoor and outdoor unit from Daikin while running the new R32 gas. One of the latest models and very affordable with excellent quality built in.