Replacing evaporative with reverse cycle in Rivervale

This is a very common question we receive. Can I replace my existing evaporative air conditioner and install ducted reverse cycle? The answer is yes you can and we have done this a number of times. Although its not as simple as reusing all the ducting to save on costs. When we do these types of jobs we have to rip everything from the old system out and put in the new system to suit. This is to do with the duct sizing and insulation rating. What we do however is completely remove the evaporative and dispose of all the rubbish so there is nothing left on site for you to deal with. This job in Rivervale had us remove the old unit and install a new Daikin ducted reverse cycle air conditioner with an Advantage Air Ezone control system which allows full control of the air conditioner and zones via one touch screen on your wall. This also allows for wifi control from your phone where you can use it from anywhere you are in the world.

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