New Mitsubishi installed to a rental in Forrestfield

A lot of owners think by installing the cheapest or no name brand into their rental that they are saving money. The fact is that these units don't last long plus their warranty and after sales technical support are non existant. In this instance the owner went for a reputable brand that will be in the house for years to come. The Leading Air team are fully qualified refrigeration mechanics with years of experience and not someone who does a 2 day course to be able to install an aircon. What does this mean? It means that the unit is working as it was intended to and doesn't come up with faults down the track due to sub standard and often unbelievably poor installations.

This job in Forrestfield had a 5kw Mitsubishi installed to a living room. Both the indoor and outdoor units are whisper quiet. Being a quality unit saves the tenant on power bills and the owner gets a much longer lifespan from it.

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